There's a better way to keep things HOT.

There's a better way to keep things hot. Wavey decoration
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The food to go market has massively changed.
Has your ability to hot hold done the same?

It's fair to say that the last few years have changed everything.

How we live. How we travel. How we work.

How we eat.

The entire landscape of food delivery, takeaway and hot food-to-go has shifted, but the trouble is, although the game's changed, too many businesses are still playing by the same old rules.

Take hot-holding for example.

Once an order's cooked and awaiting pickup, it's usually just put on top of an oven or ledge. If there is a unit, it's put on a shelf that heats the box or bag in direct contact but does a pretty poor job of keeping everything else warm.

Fortunately, there's a better way.

Flexeserve Hub®

World leading technology in hot food display

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This innovative unit is the only one capable of hot-holding large quantities of packages.

Flexeserve Hub®

Patented air recirculation technology delivers a consistent temperature throughout, so every package stays warm and its large interior means items like full-size boxed pizzas, ready-to-go bags and roast chooks can be easily held.

Wherever you put it, Flexeserve Hub® will deliver.

Install it front of house and you can immediately improve customer satisfaction with high quality grab and go, reducing frustrating queues and significantly increasing food security. Install it back of house and you can cook more outside of peak times and hold till needed, increase batch cooking, streamline your processes and reduce pressure on your team.

Remember…it's food to go, not food to go cold

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Photo of a man behind a counter with a Flexeserve Hub

Big impact. Small footprint.

Hot-holding is a huge opportunity but space is often a premium. Fortunately, Flexeserve Hub® delivers in more ways than one, It's narrow footprint can hold up to 60 large boxed pizzas, 140 packed up food orders or up to 140 whole rotisserie chickens.

Photo of a man behind a counter with a Flexeserve Hub

Smarter Tech. Stronger offer.

Patented Flexeserve® hot air technology delivers a consistent temperature throughout the unit, which means that every item stays hot - not just the ones in contact with the shelves. This also increases the window of opportunity for purchase, significantly reducing food waste and increasing profitability.

Photo of a man behind a counter with a Flexeserve Hub

Simplicity. Meet flexibility.

With fully-adjustable shelving and a wide range of accessories, Flexeserve Hub® is incredibly flexible. From pizza cartridges, merchandising trays and racks to custom headers, graphics and more, make your Flexeserve Hub® fit your products and brand just the way you want.

Photo of a man behind a counter with a Flexeserve Hub

Reduce energy. Reduce waste.

The unique design ensures there's no heat lost into the surrounding environment, while double-glazed self-closing doors and quality insulation helps Flexeserve Hub® deliver industry-leading energy efficiency. Complete confidence in keeping items hot also means less waste and no need to recook orders that have gone cold.

Photo of a man behind a counter with a Flexeserve Hub

Suits your needs. Delights your customers.

Flexeserve Hub® can sit in front of house or behind a counter, as a self-service concept or even within a dedicated food-to-go destination. So no matter if it's customers popping in on their way home or food delivery drivers swinging by for a pick up, you can confidently package up a promise of hot food every single time.


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